A host's responsibilities include:

  • Welcoming guests: Hosts greet guests as they enter a venue and ensure they receive attentive service
  • Managing reservations: Hosts take reservations or put guests on a waiting list
  • Providing menus: Hosts pass out menus and announce the name of the waiter or waitress
  • Seating guests: Hosts guide customers to tables
  • Maintaining waitlists: Hosts monitor waitlists and initiate new ones
  • Coordinating with wait staff: Hosts assist wait staff when needed
  • Answering calls: Hosts answer incoming calls and address customer questions
  • Distributing to-go orders: Hosts distribute to-go orders
  • Catering to special needs: Hosts cater to guests who require extra attention, such as children or the elderly
  • Maintaining the reception area: Hosts maintain a clean reception area

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